Don’t suffer any longer

Trust Veincare to treat your veins and liberate your legs.

At Veincare we fit around your
lifestyle because we use only
the latest minimally invasive and
keyhole techniques, meaning most patients have a
consultation, a scan and
treatment on the same day.

The right treatment
for you

All Veincare treatments are conducted by our highly qualified Consultant Surgeons who will advise on the most appropriate approach for your particular condition.

Scans are carried out by a registered vascular technician to ensure that the right person receives the right treatment for the right condition.

Walk in, walk out treatments

At Veincare we specialise in minimally invasive and keyhole techniques designed for virtually pain-free treatment with very little inconvenience. In most cases patients are back to work the next day and can be back to the gym the next week.

For varicose veins

Endovenous ablation (VNUS or Laser) – a form of heat-sealing treatment using a fine tube, threaded up through the vein.

Avulsion – removal of the vein through a series of small (about 1mm) incisions in the skin.

Varicofoam – injection of a chemical compound that pushes the blood out of the vein and then treats the lining. Note: all these treatments can be done under a local or general anaesthetic.

For thread (‘spider’) veins

Sclerotherapy – a tiny needle is used to inject a chemical compound to collapse the vein and stop blood flowing through it.

For pelvic veins

Embolisation– It is estimated that one third of women will experience chronic pelvic pain, often due to hard to detect varicose veins in the pelvis. Embolisation offers a safe, minimally invasive treatment that restores patients to normal.

For forehead veins

Forehead veins can often be successfully ligated by tying off the vein through two small incisions in the temporal hairline.

Duplex Ultrasound scan

We advise all patients to have a scan prior to treatment to clearly identify the veins to be treated. All scans are carried out by a fully qualified vascular technologist and can usually be arranged for the same day as your initial consultation.