"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Veincare, they’ve done a fabulous job of eradicating my unsightly, very bumpy varicose veins. I only wish that I’d discovered Veincare years ago. I couldn’t believe how quick the Varicofoam procedure was. I’ve been told I have a very low pain threshold and yet I felt almost no discomfort" Catherine S. Nottingham

"Very professional care. Having my veins removed under local anaesthetic was almost pain free and recovery was very quick. Delighted with results - my legs no longer ache and huge improvement in confidence as a result of the improved appearance" Amelia B. Nottingham

“A friendly, understanding and sympathetic consultation; I look forward to having vein free legs”! Carolyn H. Derbyshire

“Despite my fear of medical treatment, I found my experience with Mr Braithwaite most comforting. The operation to treat my long-standing huge leg vein has been most successful and I would recommend it to anyone” Sheilagh P. Nottingham

After the birth of my 2nd child I noticed some leg veins on the back of my legs. It took a couple of years to pluck up the courage to get them sorted out, but when I did Mr Braithwaite was absolutely fantastic. He reassured me on the procedure, told me exactly what was going to happen and after two sessions the veins had gone. I couldn’t believe the results and I have been recommending him ever since. My only wish is that I should have done it years ago. So my recommendation is 'Don't delay, book in with him today'. Isobel H. Nottingham

Thank you for your prompt, professional resolution to my varicose vein problem. The treatment was quick, not painful and gave excellent results. I’ve already made multiple recommendations to colleagues who have similar problems. Kevin M. Nottingham

“I have just returned from a month's holiday in Australia, where I wore shorts a good deal of the time. This is the first time I have ever been able to wear shorts without feeling self conscious and embarrassed by my veins, so thank you!” Jenny G. Nottingham

“I'm really happy with the result of my treatment – and all the conscientious aftercare as well. Can't wait for the summer, to wear skirts again” Debra H. Newark

“Clear and transparent explanation of issues and treatment in a relaxed and caring environment. Treatment was quick and painless walking freely within 24hrs. Even the administration was seamless. Thank you” David L. London

“Mid 40s active male. After the perforator vein surgery my leg returned to 100% and I was able to be active in sports with no discomfort. Great to be back out on the playing field and slopes” Talbot S. London

I’d hidden my legs for over twenty years, unaware they were so easily treatable, at an affordable price and painless. I had one half hour session and have had remarkable results. I may need a second treatment session for the smaller veins, but I am happy with the results obtained so far. The progression of the treatment has been exactly as described. Mary B. Nottingham

"Lovely to have shorts and dresses back and tanned legs. Thanks for making my holidays great, thanks for the veincare. Ladies you’re in good hands". Diane W. Nottingham